Pigeon Coup [Unity, C#]

This 3D, narrative-driven game is my senior capstone project. The work spans two semesters (fall 2018, which is completed, and spring 2019). I am the producer as well as a designer and programmer, and I am also responsible for many of the 3D assets as we do not have a dedicated 3D artist. The game’s premise is based on the game I worked on for Global Game Jam 2018 , but in order to transition to a narrative-based, more marketable game, we chose to move away from VR and create a 3D walking simulator.


My team and I spent the fall semester trying to create the minimum viable product for our game, and I believe we completed that. Our game currently consists of letters being delivered to the player, and the player then having to make the decision to trash or send the letters.

Our work during spring semester will include creating more engaging narrative, tweaking and polishing our existing mechanics, and adding a few bells and whistles that we hope will make the game even more fun. Oh, and lots and lots of playtesting.

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