Catch and Throw VR Game [Unity, C#, HTC Vive VR]

[Github Repository]

I developed this game for the HTC Vive as a 3D VR complement to Kris De Asis’s Kinect Asteroids game. The finished game is currently in use in a physical therapy trial at the Rehabilitation Games and Virtual Reality Lab. Using the Unity 3D game engine, I modified a sci-fi themed environment to  create an engaging environment that suits the trial’s needs, then created the task where users must catch balls and throw them at randomly placed targets using the HTC Vive’s controllers. Before participants enter the virtual environment, task specifications such as participant ID, session type and difficulty, and for certain session types, number of trials, may be customized. As per the Kinect game, the task has varying difficulties. Ball and target size decrease with advancing difficulty, users have less time to rest between trials, and the ball moves faster at higher difficulties. At the highest level, there is a time limit on throwing before the ball is destroyed.  Each trial produces a comma separated values (.csv) file with information from each trial such as time taken to catch and throw and trial score, as well as on overall user performance in each session.

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